47. Monitor


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Interner Hilfetext zu diesem AMI-Befehl in Asterisk 1.4: 

Action: Monitor
Synopsis: Monitor a channel
Privilege: call,all
Description: The 'Monitor' action may be used to record the audio on a
  specified channel.  The following parameters may be used to control
  Channel     - Required.  Used to specify the channel to record.
  File        - Optional.  Is the name of the file created in the
                monitor spool directory.  Defaults to the same name
                as the channel (with slashes replaced with dashes).
  Format      - Optional.  Is the audio recording format.  Defaults
                to "wav".
  Mix         - Optional.  Boolean parameter as to whether to mix
                the input and output channels together after the
                recording is finished.

Differenz des internen Hilfetexts von Asterisk 1.2 zu 1.4: — keine —

Differenz des internen Hilfetexts von Asterisk 1.4 zu 1.6: — keine —


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