C.127. ReadExten()

Extension per DTMF einlesen.
Fordert den Anrufer zur Eingabe einer Extension auf und speichert diese in einer Variablen.
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Interner Hilfetext zu dieser Applikation in Asterisk 1.6:
  -= Info about application 'ReadExten' =-

Read an extension into a variable


Reads a #-terminated string of digits from the user into the given variable.
  filename  file to play before reading digits or tone with option i
  context   context in which to match extensions
  option    options are:
              s - Return immediately if the channel is not answered,
              i - Play filename as an indication tone from your
              n - Read digits even if the channel is not answered.
  timeout   An integer number of seconds to wait for a digit response. If
            greater than 0, that value will override the default timeout.

ReadExten will set READEXTENSTATUS on exit with one of the following statuses:
  OK        A valid extension exists in ${variable}
  TIMEOUT   No extension was entered in the specified time
  INVALID   An invalid extension, ${INVALID_EXTEN}, was entered
  SKIP      Line was not up and the option 's' was specified
  ERROR     Invalid arguments were passed
Differenz des internen Hilfetexts von Asterisk 1.4 zu 1.6:
— in Asterisk 1.4 nicht vorhanden —