C.159. SetLanguage()

Setzt die Sprache des Kanals.


SetLanguage() ist ab Asterisk 1.4 nicht mehr vorhanden und wurde durch die Funktion CHANNEL() (Abschnitt D.11, „CHANNEL()) ersetzt:
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Interner Hilfetext zu dieser Applikation in Asterisk 1.2:
  -= Info about application 'SetLanguage' =-

Set the channel's preferred language

  SetLanguage(language): This will set the channel language to the given value.
This information is used for the syntax in generation of numbers, and to choose
a sound file in the given language, when it is available.
  For example, if language is set to 'fr' and the file 'demo-congrats' is
requested to be played, if the file 'fr/demo-congrats' exists, then
it will play that file. If not, it will play the normal 'demo-congrats'.
For some language codes, SetLanguage also changes the syntax of some
Asterisk functions, like SayNumber.
  SetLanguage has been deprecated in favor of Set(LANGUAGE()=language)
Differenz des internen Hilfetexts von Asterisk 1.2 zu 1.4:
— in Asterisk 1.4 nicht vorhanden —