F.69. SIPnotify

        |     |        |     |        | 1.6 |————————
Interner Hilfetext zu diesem AMI-Befehl in Asterisk 1.6:
Action: SIPnotify
Synopsis: Send a SIP notify
Privilege: system,all
Description: Sends a SIP Notify event
All parameters for this event must be specified in the body of this request
via multiple Variable: name=value sequences.
  *Channel: <peername>       Peer to receive the notify. Required.
  *Variable: <name>=<value>  At least one variable pair must be specified.
  ActionID: <id>             Action ID for this transaction. Will be returned.
Differenz des internen Hilfetexts von Asterisk 1.4 zu 1.6:
— in Asterisk 1.4 nicht vorhanden —