D.88. SHELL()

Führt einen Shell-Befehl aus und gibt die Ausgabe zurück.
exten => 123,1,Set(ausgabe=${SHELL(id -un)})
exten => 123,n,Verbose(1,Asterisk laeuft als User ${ausgabe})
        |     |        |     |        | 1.6 |————————
Interner Hilfetext zu dieser Funktion in Asterisk 1.6:
  -= Info about function 'SHELL' =-


Executes a command as if you were at a shell.

Returns the value from a system command
  Example:  Set(foo=${SHELL(echo "bar")})
  Note:  When using the SHELL() dialplan function, your "SHELL" is /bin/sh,
  which may differ as to the underlying shell, depending upon your production
  platform.  Also keep in mind that if you are using a common path, you should
  be mindful of race conditions that could result from two calls running
  SHELL() simultaneously.
Differenz des internen Hilfetexts von Asterisk 1.4 zu 1.6:
— in Asterisk 1.4 nicht vorhanden —